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It's a land that's a shade different than the rest. The mesmerising gold of its desert. The vibrance of its fair and festivals. The brillant hues of the costumes worn by the people. The rich colour of its wildlife Where ever you look in Rajasthan, you'll be greeted by a roit of colours.



Rajasthan - Rajasthan Art and Craft


Rajasthan - Art and Craft

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Jaipur is famous expert centre for precious and semi-precious gem stones. Rajasthan excels in a wide range of ornaments-using Emerald, Daimond, Pearls, Garnet, Agate, etc. made especially in Jaipur and Jodhpur.
Meenakari is the art of enamelling on gold or silver and is done in Jaipur using the raised-field style. Kundan is the art of setting precious stones in gold. There is a large variety of bangles in Rajasthan.
» Metalware
The metalware of Rajasthan comprises of artistic, enamelled and engaved silverware and metalware. Popular creations in silver include wine cups, silver embossed decorative boxes, human figures, cigarette lighter cases and photo farmes.
Jaipur is famous for engraved brassware which is usually enamelled.
» Sandalwood Carvings
Fragrant and aesthetic, sandalwood carvings come in a wide range of themes. The articles range from key chains and paper knives to decorative figures.
» Furniture
The furniture of Rajasthan is in harmony with its palaces and havelis, displaying similar intricate design and carving. The painted furniture of Jodhpur and Kishangarh consists of screens, doors, traditional caskets, doors, traditional caskets, low tables and chairs. Delicately carved wooden doors are made in Ramgarh, Shekhawati and Bikaner. The craft men of Barmer specialize in the art of wood carving, and tables. Tilonia furniture stands out with its fine embroidery work on leather while white metal plated Patra furniture has a charm of its own.
Rajasthani textiles come in an attractive range of hand - block prints, tie and dye and embrodered fabrics with mirror work. The art of Khari or over printing in gold is also practised here. The bandhni or tie & dye work comes from Sikar, Jodhpur, Udaipur etc.
» Paintings
The miniature paintings of Rajasthan are reowned the world over. Over a period of time several schools of painting developed in Rajasthan : the Mewar School, Bundi-Kota Kalam, Bikaner, Jaipur, paintings were being made in Rajasthan as early as the 18th century and later the Mughal court employed the artists.
Todays families engaged in miniature paintings exist in Jaipur, Jodhpur, Nathwara and Kishangarh and continue to paint fine works of art on handmade paper. The ancient tradition of scroll paintings survives in Rajasthan as Phads and Pcihwais in bold vigorous lines and bright primary colours displaying much of the ancient Indian tradition of narrative painting.
» Carpets
Rajasthan carpets are suprb in workmanship and command sizeable export market. Exquisite carpets in traditional and contemporary designs, woollen druggets or 'Namdas' and hand-woven cotton duries also known as 'Panja' durries are thepopular floor coverings.
» Terracotta
An array of terracotta articles are produced in Rajasthan : paper-thin pottery, painted pottery, white and red clay articles and terracotta wall plaques, Jaipur, Jaisalmer, Alwar and Bikaer are the main centres.
» Blue Pottery

The art of glazed blue pottery which come ti India from Persia, flourishes in Jaipur even today. The best blue pottery pieces carry floral or geomatical patterns and sometimes the figures of animals.

» Marble Carving / Paintings
Marble from Rajasthan has been used for comstruction of fanous monuments like Taj Mahal. Marble objects range from decorative plates to boxes and animal figures. White marble is painted, sometime with real gold. Even mainiture paintings are done on marble. Jaipur is the main centre for exquiste marble objects.
» Leatherware
One of the most attractive items of leather is the 'Mojari', a 'footwear'. The leather is embroidered, punched, studded and stiched in various eye catching designes. The best known centres of tradiotional footwear are Jaipur and Jodhpur. Articls like lamps and lampshades are coloured and decorated with floral designs and figure and plated with thin gold leaf work.
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